Very Old Dad (feat. Larry Josephson)

Growing old sucks.

Larry Josephson is almost 80 years old. He never thought he would live this long. Jennie Josephson is trying to be a good daughter, but sometimes doesn’t do the best job. Together they’ll talk about all the hard stuff: home health care workers, the perils of bagels on aging teeth and how they’re going to fix the fix they’re in.

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Show Notes:

The music you hear in the background aired on WBAI, and was likely a Weavers or Pete Seeger sing a long concert.

The music is composed by Dr. Turtle and made available under a Creative Commons license via The Free Music Archive.


Very Old Dad Teaser, Published December 12, 2018

Larry Josephson (1981): [00:00:00] What radio station is this?

Jennie Josephson (1981): [00:00:10] I don’t know…New York…

Jennie Josephson: [00:00:10] What did you do on your Sundays growing up? I spent some of my Sundays on the radio with Larry Josephson.

Larry Josephson (1981): [00:00:14] You gotta get it right…

Jennie Josephson: [00:00:14] I don’t know if you can tell. But he’s my dad.

Jennie Josephson: [00:00:19] Larry Josephson has been an independent radio producer and host for a very long time.

Larry Josephson (1981): [00:00:25] That was Jennie Josephson at age 4.

Jennie Josephson: [00:00:28] And this is Jennie Josephson, age 42. You know when people say as a joke I’m gonna have to work until the day I drop? Turns out that’s not a joke. That is my very old dad.

Jennie Josephson: [00:00:44] Larry Josephson is almost 80 years old and this will be his first podcast. My dad and I are going to pick up the conversation we started back in 1980, now that I know a few more words.

Jennie Josephson: [00:00:57] We’re gonna compare notes about what it’s like to be a very old dad and what it’s like to be his daughter because, and I bet a whole lot of you already know this, growing old in this country is the pits. Especially for a man who was convinced he wasn’t going to live this long.

[00:01:14] So starting in early 2019 we’re going to talk about growing old. From home health care workers to the perils of bagels on aging teeth. We’re going to cover all the hard stuff. How far it does my responsibility as a child go? What choices does Larry keep putting off? Sometimes we’ll have guests, we’ll talk to experts when we need to, and we absolutely want to hear from you about all the old moms, dads, aunts, uncles, and friends in your life. Or what it’s like to grow old in your part of the world. So subscribe now wherever you get your podcasts and you’ll hear more from us in the New Year. If of course we’re all still here.

Larry Josephson (1981): [00:01:56] Where is WBAI? In where?

Jennie Josephson (1981): [00:02:03] Florida… (Valerie laughter)


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